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How To Have A Clutter Free Office Space

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A office that is kept tidy, and clean leads to less distractions and provides one to be more focused on the tasks at hand rather than being distracted by post it notes, folders, business cards lying around and not to mention those unfinished projects on your desk. Sometimes you may need to hire a professional and living in Surrey I use this office cleaning company in Kingston.

By following just a few simple steps your on your way to a well organized work environment. Sometimes less is more. By removing all unwanted items such as food containers, books, calendars, photos, or any unwanted supplies can be a great place to start.

Using drawers keeps everything you need at your fingertips. In the top drawer you should keep everything you need for current projects that you are working on now. Digitally storing things can really aid in notes lying all around. Microsoft has task programs that could remove most of your clutter if you learn how to use it.

If you take just five minutes a day to do these simple tasks your morning will definitely thank you.


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Hello fellow entrepreneurs, and welcome to my blog about business development. In particular I’ll be advising on how to use voicemail and recorded messages to build your business. What to say, how to say it etc. It may seem simple, but it can be the difference between keeping a customer and losing one! So stick around and you’ll get some important advice  that will help make you money. At the age of 29 I currently run 3 different businesses, and let me tell you that telecommunication services are essential. Any question, don’t be afraid to ask. Cheers – Bill

Voicemail – How it can help your business?

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In today’s world, one of the key factors determining a business’s success is how well it serves its customers. Talking about communication, in particular, it becomes quite important for any business to be in a regular contact with its consumers. After all the more you keep your customers happy, the more your chances are of growing and becoming a trustworthy company. Keeping in touch with your customers can be a very demanding job especially if you have a fixed business hours and customer support is limited to that particular period only. It is here where voicemail becomes very vital to ensure the happiness of your clients. The biggest benefits of using a voicemail are that you don’t have to worry about your customers when your working hours are over. 

How to use Voice mail efficiently for your business?

1) Hire a private company which can handle voicemail recordings of your customers

Being available all the time to your customers is critical. Answering their questions, solving their queries makes them feel secure. With voicemail, your customers can reach you anytime they want. A good company can handle all the telephone recordings and solve all the queries correctly without causing any doubt in the minds of your valuable customers. 

2) Set a professional voicemail greeting

Yes! It becomes vital for your customers to know that they have called the right place. They should hear a proper, clear and a professional message, which informs them with every essential detail they must know. Like when you or your staff members can get in touch with them. You can also add a bit of creative flair to your recordings. It is advisable that you get the recording done by an experienced voicemail professional. 

3) Change your voicemail messages on regular basis

Ask your customer representatives to change the voicemail messages regularly. Ask them to change it on any special day. Voicemail messages can be infused with greetings if there is some special occasion. You can also tell your customers about any special offers if you are running over voicemail messages.

You can easily utilize the facilities that the modern technology has to offer and make your business grow. For using them to their full potential, hiring a professional company is always a better idea, as customers always prefer professionals rather than casual representatives.

Leaving Recorded Messages

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Leaving recorded messages on telephone voice-mail or voice message can be effectively finished with technology called telephone broadcasting, also called voice broadcasting. This innovation can send hundreds of recorded messages each minute to many lists of telephone numbers and is moderately cheap. Today’s innovation can likewise identify the contrast between somebody answering the telephone live versus a voice-mail. This can be particularly useful for office phone systems in businesses. It has led to advances of systems like Parent Connect.

It is not important to buy equipments to leave messages to many machines. Many clients essentially hire a telephone broadcast service bureau to convey the messages. You can email your telephone list into the telephone broadcast service, and record your message via telephone. At that point you can direct when you need your message conveyed. After the message goes out you can get a report of who got the message and who didn’t. For the most part, you are not charged for undeliverable messages, and it’s only pennies per message for those that are effectively conveyed.

Leaving prerecorded messages is rapidly being embraced as an advantageous and financially economical approach to speak with clients or individuals. For instance, sending messages to remind clients about prescription refills, or to give back a leased movie, are great cases of how this innovation can help business and buyers.